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Onsite Dentists Of Texas Brings Dental Care To Our Patients

Imagine being independent your entire life and then, all of a sudden, your independence is slowly stripped from you, seized by the natural process of aging. Getting older can be a demoralizing experience. You can’t do anything but watch as your physical capabilities lessen and you feel your mental capacity start to become less clear, clouded by ailments that make it difficult to feel like your old self again.

At this stage in life, many elderly individuals find themselves being displaced from their homes and relocated a nursing home or other assisted living facility. This typically isn’t a seamless transition and, instead, is carefully deliberated and often carried out with distress until the adjustment period has passed. But these facilities are equipped to handle the care these people need in order to maintain their lifestyle that they don’t have access to at home. One of these areas that is so detrimental to their overall health is dental care. However, due to the extensive list of responsibilities that nursing home staff have to take care of on a daily basis, oral care often gets pushed to the bottom of the list, or is often neglected completely.

Research has made it evident that there is a connection between oral health and other health conditions, which is why oral care demands to be regarded as equally important as bathing or feeding the residents. Oral health is a legal requirement of a nursing home’s duty, specifically concerning residents that are unable to carry out personal hygiene on their own, but we recognize that nursing home aides are so overloaded with tasks that they can’t put their full focus into every single aspect of care. We have observed this dilemma many times throughout our time working with elderly patients in long-term care facilities and are deeply saddened to note how widely spread this problem has become.

Our innovative services work to combat this concern. We specialize in this area of care and can ensure that dental health regains its rightful importance within the walls of long-term care facilities once again, where it belongs. We work directly with social workers, nursing home staff, and caretakers in order to provide the best care to patients, all while transferring the heavy weight of this responsibility from their shoulders and onto our own. When working with us, the only task they need to complete is signing the necessary documentation – the rest of it is handled by our team of professionals.

The most noteworthy aspect of our mobile business is that, despite needing to transport medical supplies and equipment to our patients, we are able to provide care using everything that you would find within a traditional dentist office. We are able to offer complimentary oral cancer screenings, tooth-colored fillings, extractions, and porcelain crowns, among many other services, because of the equipment we have available.

Losing one’s independence is a frightening experience. At Onsite Dentists Of Texas, we believe that physical limitations should not restrict individuals from receiving the care they not only deserve, but need. We service elderly adults because they, more than anyone, still require special detail to oral hygiene. This could help to reduce the percentages of ailments, hospitalizations, diseases, and even the number of deaths that occur at long-term care facilities throughout the year.

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