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Why You Should Trust Your Elderly Loved One With Onsite Dentists Of Texas

As your loved one embraces old age, it’s difficult to predict exactly how their quality of life will fare. The ideal scenario is that, despite the normal side effects that come with aging, all other physical and mental capacities remain unafflicted.

However, we can never expect nor assume that life will progress that way. Physical ailments often hinder mobility, some level of memory loss is possible, and the state of bodily health progressively worsens. Oral health is no exception.

Deteriorating teeth and gums do not only affect a senior’s appearance, they are culprits in worsening physical and mental health as well. Conditions that we would otherwise think were disconnected, like cardiovascular disease or dementia, are more likely in seniors who have poor oral hygiene. And, for those suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions, a treacherous – and even fatal – cycle begins to develop where everything works in tandem with one another to quicken the worsening of symptoms.

As their loved one, you want nothing but the best for your aging parents. A caring physician to look over their health complications, a renowned hospital to provide them with top-quality treatment, a respected nursing home to care for them full-time, and even an experienced dental professional to service their dental needs.

At Onsite Dentists Of Texas, we do what other dentists don’t – and can’t – do. Our patients are residents in full-time care facilities who are unable to travel to a traditional dentist’s office or, in severe cases, are immobile altogether.

The Dentists Who Care: Why You Should Trust Onsite Dentists Of Texas

When searching for a dentist for your elderly loved one in the Greater Dallas Area, look no farther than the dentists who have built a practice that is entirely mobile. Your aging loved ones deserve nothing short of:


Due to the nature of our clientele base, we have worked with all types of personalities, behaviors, and conditions. We have nothing but respect for our patients and will do everything in our power to treat all of their needs.


Geriatric dental care is not something many practices offer, especially if they need to meet their patients where they are. Our doctors, Dr. Jill Ombrello and Dr. Michael Rosellini, have over 30 years of experience working in this field.

Top-Quality Care

We are a mobile practice but that does not mean that we have to sacrifice our services. We offer every service you would find at a traditional dentist’s office, including, but not limited to, digital x-rays, fillings, porcelain crowns, and periodontal treatment.

Have you been looking around for a geriatric dentist for your elderly loved one? We offer complimentary oral cancer screenings and dental assessments – a great starting point!

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