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The Qualities You Should Look For In A Geriatric Dentist

Working so closely with the community requires a specialist who is as passionate as they are qualified. There is a concerning shortcoming of dental professionals that view their patients as just a mouth to diagnose or as a profit for their dental practice.

Onsite Dentists Of Texas has built our practice in order to offer the best care possible to our patients. Our philosophy is that we treat your family like our own – no exceptions. Especially when working with the aging population, our patients need someone who will not pass judgement, who will respect their concerns and hesitations, and who will not take advantage of them in their time of need. Our care does not end when we leave our patient’s bedside; our care is carried on into the entirety of their lives because they are not our patients, they are our family.

Over 20 percent of individuals 65 and older currently have untreated cavities. Of seniors older than 75, one quarter of them have no remaining teeth. It is obvious by these statistics that more individuals need some level of oral care. However, a vast majority of elderly adults may not have the ability to travel to a traditional dentist office – this is why Onsite Dentists Of Texas brings comprehensive care straight to our patient’s bedside.

When looking for a geriatric dentist for your elderly loved one, here are the qualities you shouldn’t sacrifice:


Our patients are often in such a poor state of oral health that they require immediate attention. They are often fearful of being in the presence of a dentist, in such pain that they can barely speak, or are in a state of mental health where it is difficult for them to understand the need for proper dental care. A dentist with compassion will first work purposefully to gain their trust, but then will work restlessly to diagnose and treat their dental problems.


You only want the best care for your elderly loved one, so it’s important that you can trust the type of care a dental professional can provide, along with their bedside manner. Aside from your impression, it is also important that your elderly loved one can fully entrust their dentist. This will aid them in respecting any diagnosis or treatment option needed to restore healthy teeth and gums.

Good Communication Skills

A geriatric dentist can provide a patient with exceptional care, but if patient, caregiver, and their adult children are not educated on the hows and whys of proper oral hygiene, good oral practices will be unsustainable. A dentist who cares will also be transparent about every decision they make. This ensures they are not trying to pull a fast one on either the patient or their adult children.

If you are in need of a geriatric dentist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, learn more about Onsite Dentists Of Texas. Our doctors, Dr. Jill Ombrello or Dr. Michael Rosellini, have provided care to nursing home residents throughout the Greater Dallas Area for over 30 years. Their patients consider them family before they consider them their dentists.

See if Onsite Dentists Of Texas would be the right fit for you or your loved one by scheduling a free dental assessment or free oral cancer screening today!

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