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Treating Bedbound Patients: The Top Dental Procedures

Good oral hygiene is something that is ingrained within us the moment our baby teeth start coming in. Parents tend to their children’s teeth until they develop the motor skills to use a toothbrush on their own, then both parents and dentists work diligently to help educate children on proper oral hygiene techniques and why oral hygiene is important.

This routine will continue throughout adolescence and adulthood, but then an individual’s health begins to slowly deteriorate. It begins with aches and pains and then internal health complications follow – high blood pressure, dementia, diabetes, etc. During all of these physical and mental changes, oral hygiene begins to lose its importance, often being pushed down the list as daily medications, weekly doctor visits, and monthly hospital procedures become top priority.

While the world dismisses geriatric dental care as being a secondary concern, the dental professionals at Onsite Dentists Of Texas know how untrue, and dangerous, this mentality is. The overall health of our elderly adult patients is even more at the hands of their oral health than ever before.

The biggest concern facing the aging population isn’t even their ailing oral health, it’s the fact that most elderly adults face physical and mental health problems that either leave them bedbound or unable to travel to a traditional dentist’s office. This is why Dr. Jill Ombrello and Dr. Michael Rosellini have built a practice centered around bringing dental care to those who can’t leave their homes or, more commonly, their assisted living facilities.

These are the top dental procedures facing bedbound patients that our services work to treat:

Loose Dentures

Dentures should never be the first solution to dental complications, simply because they do not enhance – or even sustain – oral health. But for those that do have dentures, they can easily become ill-fitting, continuously falling out and making talking and eating almost impossible. A geriatric dentist can either work to reline the loose dentures or construct another pair that fits properly.

Bleeding/Infected Gums

Bleeding gums often deter caregivers from brushing a senior’s teeth because they believe they are doing more harm than good. If regular bleeding occurs, it means that the patient needs a dental scaling and root planing. This procedure will help to reset the state of their gums so that gum health is restored, making future care more manageable.

Broken Teeth

If oral hygiene is not a priority, broken teeth become very common among bedbound patients. If not cared for, infections are almost guaranteed. Not only will gums swell, but these infected areas allow bacteria to enter into the bloodstream, creating an array of seemingly unrelated health complications, like heart disease and Alzheimer’s. A geriatric dentist can pinpoint the problem, remove any broken teeth, and address the infection.

Onsite Dentists Of Texas has been treating bedbound patients for over 30 years, making them experts in their industry. We also offer complimentary dental assessments and oral cancer screenings to our patients!

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