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The Case For Why Natural Teeth Are Better Than Dentures

From a young age, certain stereotypes are etched into our minds, painting pictures of people, places, or things that are hard to erase. Some stereotypes are positive, shaping pleasant constructions of thought that influence the way we approach the world around us. But just as we conjure up positive stereotypes, we also build upon negative stereotypes that can prove detrimental, equipping us with fear and caution as we approach or address certain circumstances.

One negative stereotype that is planted at a young age and only matures as we get older is the depiction of old age. When we conceptualize the mental and physical states that await us in the distant future, it more often than not fills us with dread. Perhaps one of the most powerful images that remains burned into our minds when we think upon old age is the rapid loss of all natural teeth, which are then replaced by dentures that, in our minds, are most likely ill-fitting and unnatural looking.

However, there are some individuals who look to dentures as a solution to daily oral hygiene and a preventative measure against complicated dental procedures. If you have no teeth, you don’t have to worry about cavities or annual trips to the dentist, right?

For those that believe dentures are an inevitable part of your future, it is possible for you to keep your natural teeth well into the later season of your life. For those that look to dentures as the lazy way to avoid routine dentist visits, you are doing your health a disservice when you voluntarily opt for dentures.

Why Natural Teeth Are Better Than Dentures

At Onsite Dentists Of Texas, we strongly believe that dentures should be the solution to a desperate circumstance – a last resort type of situation. Here’s why:

Eating becomes a tedious process.

No matter how strong the adhesive is, eating with dentures can be a laborious process, unless you opt for soft foods for the rest of your life. Where your natural teeth are set in your jawbone, dentures merely rest on your gums.

Dentures trap food.

When dentures aren’t correctly cared for – which they often aren’t due to a lack of proper instruction – food can get trapped between your dentures and gums, causing your gums to become inflamed and irritated due to bacteria.

Dentures lead to jaw bone shrinkage.

When you lose your teeth, it can affect the bone underneath. The bone, over time, will atrophy and gradually shrink. Not only will this alter the way your dentures fit, it will eventually cause distress on your muscles and nerves, making it painful to chew food at all.

Our goal is to keep our patient’s natural teeth for as long as possible, but this can only be done through consistent exams and using special dental procedures when necessary. Get in touch with our team to see how Onsite Dentists Of Texas today can work to protect your loved one’s oral health!

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