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Onsite Dentists Of Texas Gives Back

If your business’ mission is to serve your community, you must have the best interests of your community in mind with every decision you make. There is no masking the true intention of your business. If you intend to genuinely serve your community and its residents, it will show in the actions of your business.

Through Onsite Dentists Of Texas, we serve a very distinct portion of the population. Our team of dentists has dedicated their services in order to provide quality dental care to the most underserved group of individuals: elderly adults. While other individuals can seek care virtually anywhere, seniors have a difficult time finding even sufficient care that meets their basic needs, especially those who are restricted to nursing homes and assisted living facilities due to physical restraints.

Observing even such a meager portion of the population struggle to acquire the basic necessities they should have access to has opened our eyes to not only the impact we can have on the oral health of seniors, but the influence we can have on the community on a larger scale. That is why our founders and acting dentists on staff, Dr. Jill Ombrello and Dr. Michael Rosellini, annually pledge their finances back into the community.

A Mission Of Philanthropy

For over 30 years, Onsite Dentists Of Texas has been an active part of the Greater Dallas Area. Last year, Dr. Jill Ombrello donated around $80,000 back into her community. Dr. Ombrello uses Onsite Dentists Of Texas as a way to both treat elderly patients who, due to certain limitations, can no longer transport themselves to a dentist office. In addition to financial contributions, Dr. Jill Ombrello also volunteers her free time and dental services to the Genesis Women’s Shelter. She helps the women who have been subjected to years of domestic abuse feel confident once again by restoring their dental health.

Dr. Michael Rosellini, the premiere authority in senior dentistry in North Texas, donated around $250,000 back into the Greater Dallas Area. For over 35 years now, Dr. Rosellini has provided residents in the surrounding area with dutiful and quality care. In addition to financially supporting his community, Dr. Michael Rosellini is very involved as a baseball coach for high school students at the local high school.

Learn more about Dr. Jill Ombrello and Dr. Michael Rosellini online, two prominent figures in the Greater Dallas Area and the faces of Onsite Dentists Of Texas!

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