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Bad Teeth Can Lead To Unhealthy Weight Loss In Seniors

It is difficult to maintain an increased level of activity as you get older. The mental enjoyment you harbor for physical exercise may remain as it was when you were at the peak of physicality, but there is only so much your body can tolerate during its later season.

Yet, even despite a more age-appropriate fitness regime, oftentimes our bodies are unable to handle any additional stress, whether it’s because of a medical condition or simply a result of a weakened physical state. This inactivity, while excusable, can lead to rapid weight loss in seniors. This is why it is important that they are receiving sufficient care.

You may think that proper nutrition is the vehicle to abate serious weight loss. While this plays an instrumental part in maintaining their overall health, there is another channel that can have just as much of an impact: oral health.

Oral Health And Weight Loss In Seniors

There are a multitude of reasons why seniors don’t consume the proper nutrition their bodies so desperately need – even in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Forgetfulness as a side effect of dementia or Alzheimer’s is a major component that plays into a lack of nutrition. When your memories becomes one blurred entity in your mind, food is no longer a top priority.

However, if your loved one shows no signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s evident there is another element that is the cause of their malnutrition. As you age, your body will undergo a range of physical changes. Dental problems are one area where seniors will experience the most accelerated change, which can also be the most detrimental.

Seniors may not always be able to communicate these issues, which is why it is important to be aware of the adverse effects of dental health on physical health. If teeth contain cavities or are cracked or missing, eating becomes a strain rather than an enjoyable activity. Similarly, if gums are inflamed and infected, eating becomes almost intolerable.

Your loved one may not understand why it is too painful to eat and, instead, will attempt to resolve the issue by voluntarily not consuming food. This will gradually lead to increased weight loss, which, at that age, can be very dangerous to quality of life.

If you believe that poor oral health could be what is causing dramatic weight loss in your loved one, consult with our team at Onsite Dentists Of Texas. Once the dental issue is properly cared for, food can be consumed without causing the person unnecessary pain and agony.

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