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Our History

The Story of Our Family Practice
(as told by Dr. Jill) 

With four generations of dentists, our family has cared for multiple generations of families in our North Texas communities. As my great-grandfather & grandfather retired, my dad took over the care of their patients. And as these patients aged & became less mobile, they experienced a decrease in their ability to visit our offices, some becoming homebound & others transitioning to assisted living & nursing facilities due to physical or mental hardships.


Over time, we had an influx of requests from family members to “make an exception” & to go see their elderly loved ones in their homes, “because they had been cared for my our family since they were a child, & they certainly didn’t want to change dentists in their older age.” So, my dad went into these facilities & individual homes to continue to service the oral health needs of these patients.


What my dad didn’t expect was the number of other families, ones that he had never met or cared for, that saw him treating his patients & would beg & plea that he come help their parent or grandparent as well. With an increase in chronic, medical co-morbidities & decreased function & ability for self-care, a lot of these geriatric patients presented with severely compromised oral health. Pain, infection, & a compromised ability to chew & speak were amongst major health concerns, but arguably the most challenging were the psychological effects of this decline in health & autonomy, & the corresponding change in appearance.  


Being the compassionate care provider that my dad is, he said "yes" to taking care of as many of these people as he could. There was such an unmet need, that he eventually invested in the most advanced mobile equipment, expanded his skillset to better serve these more medically-compromised patients, & committed to working with govt-funded healthcare programs to increase access to high quality, comprehensive dental care for these most underserved patients. And once I graduated dental school, I took over the traditional dental practices, so he could focus full-time on delivering this care on-site, truly meeting the patient where they are, both physically & mentally. 


Now, 20 years after my dad started providing care nursing homes, & nearly 90 years since our family has started our dental journey, my dad, my younger sister, & I have found such fulfillment in partnering with families to educate & guide them along their individualized journey to maintain oral health & achieve optimal systemic wellness.  We genuinely empathize with what each family experiences as their oldest generation ages, & we value the trust that you put in us to be a part of this most critical care team to ensure your loved ones continue to live their healthiest & happiest lives. 

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