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Family Owned & Operated for 4 Generations

For over 30 years, Onsite Dentists of Texas has provided comprehensive dental care to patients who have difficulty traveling to a traditional dental office. Founded by Dr. Jill Ombrello and Dr. Michael Rosellini, Onsite Dentists of Texas is committed to treating and educating the elderly throughout the Greater Dallas Area.

Better Care Starts with You!
Why is Oral Health Important in Seniors?

Poor oral health associated with > 2-fold risk for malnutrition 

  • Weakened Immune System

  • Poor Wound Healing

  • Poor Muscle & Bone Mass

Increased risks of:

  • Infections

  • Dysphagia, Insomnia, Agitation, Delusions, Hallucinations, Immobility, & Incontinence

  • Falls & Fractures

  • Hospitalization

  • Accounts for 13 - 48% of all infections in NH. 

  • Leading cause of death from infection in patients over 65 years old. 

  • Patients feel very unwell, present with a cough, purulent sputum, fever, sweats, pain and suffocation hazard.

  • Very old persons often lack these classic symptoms and rather present with falls and confusion.

Importance of Oral Health to Prevent Infection
  • 38.92% decrease in pneumonia cases in patients who were part of a rigorous oral hygiene program vs. those who were now.

  • Patients with gum disease have a 3.9 - fold greater risk of dying from pneumonia than those who do not have gum disease.

  • 89.57% less likely to be diagnosed with influenza when enrolled in oral hygiene program. 

Denture & Tongue Hygiene

Oral pathogens persist after extraction of the natural teeth.

Dental Pain & Issues
Broken & Worn Dentures

Oral pathogens persist after extraction of the natural teeth.

Additional Benefits of Comprehensive Care
  • Maintain Normal Function (Speaking & Eating)

  • Improve Self Esteem

  • Decrease Progression of Dementia

  • Prevent Systemic Health Complications Associated with Chronic Infection (Heart Disease & Pneumonia)

  • Decrease Pain, Emerngcies, Hospital Re-Admission Rates

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